Simple and beautiful wallboards for everyone

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Get started in 30 seconds

  1. Install Node.js (0.8 or above)
  2. Install AtlasBoard using npm:
    npm install -g atlasboard
  3. Create a new dashboard
    atlasboard new mydashboard
  4. Start your dashboard
    cd mydashboard
    atlasboard start 3333
  5. Check it out at http://localhost:3333/

Create your own widgets and jobs in 2 minutes

  1. Use the
    atlasboard generate
    command to generate components (widgets, jobs and dashboards)
  2. Example: let's create a new widget called "timer"
    atlasboard generate widget timer
  3. Now let's create a new job called "timerjob"
    atlasboard generate job timerjob
  4. Now you can go and edit those folders (watch the video)
  5. Last step: edit the dashboard located on
    to configure the widget and job with the dashboard. You are done!
  6. Next steps: check out the Wiki

Import external packages

You can install packages easily as git submodules.

To install the atlassian-package, just type this:

git init
git submodule add packages/atlassian

Real time log viewer

Do you want to see what´s going on the server? Or in any of the clients? We got you covered!

Just access:

Log viewer